Far East
Middle East 

In recent years, CARMO FOOD has expanded with a department dealing
with exports to the Far East. Today, this department counts eight colleagues,
all of whom focus on the purchase and resale of primarily beef, pork and
poultry for local traders, factories and supermarkets in the Far and Middle East as well as Africa.

Good synergy provides obvious advantages
One of CARMO FOOD’s strengths is that we have many experts gathered under one roof
– so the path from challenge to solution is rarely long. We are highly knowledgeable
about our markets and with our extensive network of suppliers, we are always in a good position
to source the right products.

Discretion, fairness and trust
We take pride in ensuring professionalism and discretion in all our relationships 
- and that trade must be a win-win situation for all parties involved. In our opinion, this is
what creates the special relationship based on trust that we want with both our customers and our suppliers.

Stability and loyalty
Many of our customers are extremely loyal and we have standing contracts
with many of our suppliers. This ensures stability and a high degree of delivery reliability.


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Rowena Andersen
Sales & Purchasing - Exports Far East

+45 96 327 347 / +45 22 558 281
Skype: rowy1975 / rsa@carmofood.com

Søren Kristensen
Sales & Purchasing - Far East

+45 96 327 340

Birte Vegeberg

+45 96 327 345
Skype: Bv.cm.food / bv@carmofood.com


Sofie Jæger
Assistant Exports

+45 96 327 372

Berta Hansen
Export Employee

+45 96 327 341

Department of

Ronalyn Sheena Buyson Menos
Office Manager - Manila

+63-2-865 8830 / +639151266742 / +639988566227
Skype: cm-food-Ronalyn / ch@carmofood.com

Sherlyn Ontangco
Logistics - Manila