-  Expertise, capacity and good relations  -

From a small export company to a business that has the whole world as its cold counter. This is the story of CARMO FOOD. CARMO FOOD was founded in 1976 - and we have been growing ever since. In 2017, we delivered more than 20.000 tons of goods to our customers. A significant revenue and growth that is rooted in expertise, capacity and good relations. Over the years, we have built a worldwide network of suppliers that extends across New Zealand, Australia, Asia, South America, North America and Europe. This means that we today supply quality goods from all across the world to the largest retail chains and catering wholesalers - no longer just in Scandinavia, but now also successfully in the Far and Middle East and the North Atlantic.

In the summer 2016 the company made a change to split CM Food A/S into two departments called CARMO FOOD International A/S and CARMO FOOD Nordic A/S. This is a result of a fast growing business, with focus on continuing establishment of partnerships all over the world through CARMO FOOD International A/S, while CARMO FOOD Nordic A/S keeps going strong on the Scandinavian market. Our team currently counts 47 dedicated colleagues, all of whom make a dedicated effort to contribute to good dining experiences at tables across the world.



-  Security in range, quality, economy and delivery  -

At CARMO FOOD, security in all phases is a top priority. We constantly keep a sharp eye on both the market and the products - so we can offer a satisfactory range at competitive prices. With this ambition in mind, we make great efforts to build close and long-lasting relationships. Our experienced team have in-depth knowledge of the markets and a comprehensive network of international trading contacts. This is one of our absolute greatest strengths. Moreover, our economy is our strength. Throughout many years, we have demonstrated solid economic performance and have thereby created a well-based foundation for continuous growth. Finally, delivery reliability is significant - for all parties. Our distribution network is both professional and reliable and for us, delivery reliability is therefore a matter of course.



-  Modern storage and packing facilities  -

With a large, modern storage complex, we ensure a natural and efficient flow - from goods reception
and inspection to storage and distribution. Our cold store is export licensed and approved as a bonded
warehouse and our packing facilities mean we can carry out weight calibration and marking of products
according to our customers’ requirements.