-  Beef & veal  -

Beef and veal are one of our major strengths. We supply
meat from practically all over the world: New Zealand,
the United States, Africa, South America, Australia and
several European countries. We receive the meat directly
from slaughterhouses selected by our own buyers who visit
the various suppliers regularly. We have our own authorised
cold storage, which means we are able to provide same-day


-  Pork  -

Pork in many different cuts is delivered to our headquarters
in Nørresundby several times a week – or it is delivered
directly to our numerous customers. We receive the pork
from countries such as France, Spain, Ireland, Poland,
the Netherlands and Germany.



-  Lamb  -

It is no longer just for Easter that lamb is in demand. Lamb
has become incredibly popular and is found in many different cuts. We have them all! Our lamb comes mainly from New Zealand, Wales and Ireland. But Chile, Iceland and Uruguay also produce high-quality lamb. Every week, we have fresh lamb in stock.



-  Venison & game  -

Game is extremely tasty and lean meat with an exclusive
reputation that is most definitely justified. It deserves to be
chosen with very special care. We therefore handpick our
high-quality game meat, which we find in distant climes
such as New Zealand, Australia and the United States,
but also in Europe.